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1995: Sliding-tile Puzzle (and Spoof Crossword Puzzle)

The design was as of a sliding-tile puzzle, with the bottom-right corner tile missing. The tiles were arranged to create something like a spoof crossword puzzle, with some of the words having Christmas connections. It is not, I now understand, generally possible to move tiles from any starting configuration to all other conceivable configurations, and I have to confess that I did not check that it would actually have been possible to move the tiles from the given positions to a configuration showing the decoded message. With so many identical tiles, though (being blank), it seems likely that it would be.

Front page

+-------------------+ | | | C h i m p | | a | | s t a r s | | H p | | y | +-------------------+

This rearranges to: Happy Christmas.

Inside page

+-------------------+ | 6 B s n o w | | s t a r i h | | f b 9 B s a | | r e i n d e e r | | a r k | | 9 f r o m 1 | +-------------------+

This rearranges to: and best wishes for 1996 from Brian Barker.

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