Brian Barker’s Christmas Cards

Despite – or perhaps because of – the fact that I feel that I have been running out of clever ideas for Christmas cards in recent years and have had to resort to seemingly simpler ideas, there have been a few comments that the cards have become difficult to decipher. One problem is that not all of my Christmas card recipients are keen puzzlers, and I have to try to find something which, whilst interesting, can be solved by most people with a little effort. There has also even been a suggestion that I might publish them! So here – in the modern way of publication and for those that are interested or need them – are the explanations of my recent efforts.

I had thought – with my recipients’ memories possibly being shorter than mine and with there being some inevitable churning from year to year of who those recipients are – that I might be able to recycle some of the earlier ideas in the future. But I suppose one of the disadvantages of publishing a list like this is that I now cannot do that as easily.

Any suggestions for future use will be gratefully received (perhaps at

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Version 67: Revised 9 December 2022
Brian Barker